Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Winter Surprise

While out dealing with the snow we've been enduring, this caught my eye...

Click to enlarge, If you dare...

Love the colours. And that belt... So stylish, so now.

How do they do it?

First time I've seen one in the wild. I think it's a Western Tiger Swallowtail.  I got some help with the ID from the nice people at my favourite bug site: BugGuide.Net 

On the same day I sighted this creature:

"Han, Han, make-cheesay. Pa'sa tah ono caulky malia. Ee youngee d'emperolo teesaw. Twa spastika awahl no. Yanee dah poo noo."

Puppy Pupa. AKA Jabba the Pup.

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