Friday, August 8, 2008

Paduk Mantlepiece

I wanted this piece to be a bit deco in the details. The columns were done mostly on the jointer and I was looking for an Egyptian feel. The piece is solid frame and panel paduk with solid vertical grain zebrano as a trim.  The zebrano required special backing features to allow for seasonal movement.  All of the parts are bookmatched and came from the same board.


No stain was used. You are looking at the actual wood colours. In the background you can see the corner cabinet which I made at the same time (well, not exactly at the same time) I will post on that one later.


It took a whole lot of very careful measurements to make sure the thing slid into place seamlessly. Luckily the building it's in is the best finished I've seen.  I had to try and one up the place.

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harmonicbarbie said...

A fab piece of work, if I may say so myself (not that I'm biased or anything being your sister and all ;-)